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Who We Are

Welcome to Texas Forest Country

When you visit Texas Forest Country, you experience a countryside steeped in history, art, creativity, fun and most importantly, southern hospitality.

Towering trees. Scenic rivers. Large-as-life lakes. Folks who are friendly to a fault. Welcome to Texas Forest Country! People go out of their way to be helpful, wildlife abounds on every acre, and it's hard to tell the forest for all the trees!

Come explore Texas Forest Country - for a day or for a lifetime. Leave the urban sprawl behind and adopt a laid-back state of mind!

There's no end to the experiences waiting to be discovered in Texas Forest Country!

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Quality of Life



Wonderful school districts in the Texas Forest Country region, including higher education and workforce training.



State of the art healthcare facilities that meet and exceed your expectations.



Endless recreational activities await in the Texas Forest County. From biking, to camping, to fishing - we have it all!


Texas forest country

Cities & Counties

There's no end to the experiences waiting to be discovered in Texas Forest Country! Each county has attractive accommodations, amazing attractions, unique historical sites, fabulous recreation, and inviting retirement areas. Come Live the Good Life!

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Angelina County
Beautifully surrounded by the Pineywoods of East Texas, Lufkin and Angelina County are filled with surprises for all ages. Discover how surprisingly convenient we are to major cities like Houston, Dal...
Houston County
A Paradise in the Pines is not a paradise if there is nowhere to play. As a part of the Texas Forest Trail, Houston County offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation. Here you will find something for...
Jasper County
Tradition, hospitality and an abundance of natural beauty await you in Jasper County. As one of Texas' original counties, its rich history is surpassed only by the majesty of its forests, lakes a...
Nacogdoches County
Welcome to Nacogdoches County where people live in the footprints of history. Sample the soul of this county, where gracious streets and rolling roads are dotted with structures and landmarks sacred t...
Newton County
Located on the western edge of the Great Eastern Forest and the eastern edge of the Big Thicket National Preserve, Newton County offers great hiking and recreation trails, a diverse eco-system that is...
Polk County
Polk County - where both the people and the weather are warm and friendly! Founded in 1835, Polk County encompasses five incorporated cities - Livingston, Corrigan, Onalaska, Goodrich and Seven Oaks -...
Sabine County
History seems to seep from every crack and crevice in Sabine County. When Texas was still its own country, Sabine County was a port of entry for new settlers arriving from the United States.
San Augustine County
San Augustine, Texas, the Cradle of Texas Independence, has figured prominently in the history of the Lone Star State. There are 70 historical markers in San Augustine County, with 6 listed in the Nat...
San Jacinto County
You name it - we have it in San Jacinto County. It's no secret that this spot on the Texas Forest Trail offers some of the most beautiful areas in the region.
Shelby County
The crown jewel of Shelby County is nestled on the downtown square in Center, Texas.
Trinity County
Pioneer dreams live in Trinity County. Giant pines, ribbons of rivers and streams, abundant wildlife and a down to earth way of life exist here.
Tyler County
Tyler County is nestled in the heart of the Big Thicket National Preserve. Its deep woods were the home ground for civilized tribes of Indians long before Spanish explorers arrived in 1756.