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Our Mission

The Texas Forest Country Partnership strives to enrich the economic and well-being of our region through marketing, business development, and advocacy.

Our Commitment to Members

The Texas Forest Country Partnership values people and understands the importance of our members, our organization and our region. We pledge to:

  •   Foster partnerships to improve the economic well-being and quality of life in the region
  •   Embrace change
  •   Market and promote our region as the “RIGHT side of Texas!”

Our Strategic Imperatives

Membership Growth

Attract new members and increase existing members’ involvement in the Partnership by providing programs, services and benefits that are valued by members as essential to their success and to the success of the region.

Regional Development & Talent Retention

Strengthen regional involvement and decision-making to:

  •   Support economic growth.
  •   Promote a highly qualified, well-trained workforce.
  •   Support rural diversification
  •   Support the regeneration of our region
  •   Enhance the quality of life.

Operational Excellence

Ensure maximum impact of the Partnership's limited resources through:

  •   Rigorous, fiscally responsible budgeting.
  •   Maximization of members' return on investment.
  •   Continuous self-analysis and adoption of best practices.

Our Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles will form the foundation of our Regional Economic Development efforts:

  • The region’s economy is inter-dependent, and prosperity is beneficial to all communities.
  • Coordination of business attraction, retention, and expansion across the region will promote a landscape where jurisdictions can build upon shared strengths and cost effectively provide business attraction and retention services that bring greater prosperity.
  • Trust and collaboration between regional economic development partners is the backbone to a strong regional economic development effort.
  • Coordinated branding and marketing of the region can highlight the region’s combined strengths and allow the region to better compete for business and talent on a national and global platform.
  • Guided by strong leadership and implemented with voluntary participation, the region can work together to find solutions to mutual concerns and share in the benefits of their efforts.
  • Strong leadership must come from both public and private leaders